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Hosting Services

Managed and unmanaged web hosting, e-commerce, virtual private servers, private cloud, etc.

Web Hosting

A full spectrum of web hosting services to complement our customers needs. Managed and self-managed services are available on Linux based Apache/PHP, and Windows based IIS/.NET web servers.

  • Linux or Windows based web servers
  • Manged hosting provided by our staff on either type of web server
  • Self-managed control panel based hosting available on Linux
  • Select you PHP or .NET version to best suit your web site
  • High reliability
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Hosted Exchange

Hosted Exchange is the easy, effective and affordable option for businesses that need reliable email service, but don’t want to pay for expensive equipment and a full-time IT staff to manage an in-house Exchange Server.

  • Synchronize email across all devices
  • Secure Outlook Web Access when you devices are not available
  • High reliability
  • Internet/cloud hosted
  • No in-house IT server management overhead
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Virtual Private Servers

Ideal for customers needing a dedicated web or application server, without having to outlay cash for new hardware. Our virtual server hosting cluster ensure reliability, stability, and can quickly reprovision system with increased resources (CPU, RAM, storage, etc.).

  • Select from Windows Server, CentOS, or any commodity x86 operating system
  • 1 to 32 CPUs!
  • 512MB to 64GB memory
  • 20GB to 2TB* storage
  • Reprovision with little or no down time!
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Private Cloud

Private cloud.

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